Air Coil

Air CoilIt’s not easy choosing a company that manufactures products that are as important as coils. Many so-called manufacturing facilities actually just resell products that someone else made, making it even more difficult to know who you can trust with your custom air coil application.

American Coil is different from the rest. They operate a real factory in Gardena, California where they produce 100% of their coils, working closely with clients to determine their needs and design, engineer and manufacture the precise product to meet their needs.

American Coil’s clients find a lot of reasons to do business with the company that is considered to be the industry leader when it comes to making the perfect air coil. Short lead time is certainly one of the top ranking reasons why customers continue doing business with American Coil year after year. Small businesses and companies that cannot afford to take a hit in their operations appreciate how American Coil goes above and beyond to ensure as little down time as possible for their clients.

On weekends and holidays, you’ll find the highly skilled manufacturing team at American Coil working hard to get urgent orders in the hands of their clients in order to prevent loss of revenue. That’s just one more way they show their commitment to customers across the country- and across the world- and you’ll never find sub-par or Chinese sourced materials inside of the manufacturing facility. Their experts know that the defect rate is impressively low on high-quality, raw materials.

If you have an air coil in mind as a replacement or one that could use an improvement in its design, feel free to contact American Coil to discuss your application. Their facility employs qualified engineers with over 20 years of experience in the industry who can help you design the perfect air coil. Once you have the right product on its way, consider American Coil’s signature AmeriCoat coating to improve longevity and protect your air coil from corrosive elements.

AmeriCoat is American Coil’s anti-corrosion coating product that is far superior to any spray-on coating you may have seen or used in the past. Its unique full-immersion dip and bake prices is what sets it apart from its competition. The AmeriCoat product completely encases your air coil in a protective shell that offers unparalleled protection- and since AmeriCoat was specifically engineered for HVAC coils, heat transfer is reduced by less than 1%!

With AmeriCoat, your air coil is protected for a full 5 years against any corrosion failures- that’s real peace of mind. Feel free to visit the AmeriCoat page when you visit and click on ‘AmeriCoat’. If you have questions about the product, or any other one, make a call to American Coil at 888-947-2427 and ask to speak with a specialist.

You’ll be glad you chose the industry leaders to custom design and manufacture your air coil- and you’ll save time and money in the process.