Cooling AC Repair and Near Glendale Heights IL

Cooling AC Repair and Near Glendale Heights IL

Most homeowner in the US uses air conditioners. But, it can be frustrating when your AC system isn’t cooling your home. That’s why Fahrenheit Mechanical Inc. offers AC repairs for major and minor issues, so you’re always comfortable inside your home. Here, we’ll take you through a few steps you can try to keep your home cool if your AC is faulty.

Your thermostat isn’t cooperating

You must check your AC thermostat settings if your air conditioner is not cooling. Ensure your thermostat settings are set to ‘COOL’ and ‘ON.’ Test if your system works by setting the thermostat to several degrees cooler. If this makes you feel chill, it’s time to program to your desired temperature setting. Your thermostat could be faulty if you hear the air conditioner running, but you still don’t feel any cool air coming through the vent a few minutes later. You need to hire an expert to fix this problem.

Your breaker has been tripped

Your air conditioner runs on electricity. No electricity means no cool air in your home. Look where the breaker panel in your home is located and check. The breakers for your AC should be clearly labeled. Turn the breakers off and on again to see if there’s any difference.

Your air filter is clogged 

Some people believe their air conditioner doesn’t need an air filter because it’s located in your furnace’s blower. Your furnace’s air handler is what drives the cooled air through the filter and ductwork into your home. If the AC air filter becomes clogged with debris and dirt, cool air won’t be able to pass through it. We suggest checking your air filter at least once a month. Change it or clean the filter if required.

Your AC refrigerant is leaking

AC uses constantly circulating refrigerants to cool air. Usually, the refrigerant level never changes. But, if there’s a leak, the refrigerant level will fall – and so does the amount of cool air you get. Refrigerant leaks can be detected by hissing noises, ice buildup, or a decrease in cooling efficiency. If you think your refrigerant is leaking, switch off your air conditioner and contact an HVAC expert right away. This problem requires experienced professionals.

 Your ductwork is leaking

Any spaces in your ductwork will let cool air seep away. You’ll think your AC is not cooling your home because the cold air is not getting to you, leaving your system running longer than required. You need to hire a professional to inspect your ductwork, diagnose the problem, and provide recommendations for the next steps.

Contact Fahrenheit Mechanical Inc. for AC Repair Glendale Heights IL

If you have questions about your air conditioner not cooling or if you’d like your AC system serviced, the HVAC technicians at Fahrenheit Mechanical Inc can help. We’ll not only prevent cooling issues but also keep your system running efficiently. So call us today at 630-341-3996 for prompt service and an expert cooling AC Repair Near Glendale Heights, IL.



Cooling AC Repair and Near Glendale Heights IL

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Cooling AC Repair and Near Glendale Heights IL

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