Is Fall is the BEST time to replace your HVAC?

Yes- Fall is the best time to replace your HVAC… but WHY? 

Many people may not realize it, but fall is a great time to replace your HVAC system. So, if you’ve been thinking about replacing it, here are just a few of the reasons why now is the best time:

1) Fall is a slower season for HVAC companies. Due to the generally moderate weather, HVAC companies typically receive less emergency calls during the fall. This means that they generally have more time in their schedule to discuss your HVAC upgrade or replacement options and more openings for convenient system installation appointments.

2) The temperature is more moderate in fall. If you replace your HVAC system in the fall, you can enjoy more moderate temperatures during the installation process. Waiting until your system breaks down runs the risk of more extreme temperatures- in other words, you chance going without air conditioning or heat during times of the year when you need it most.

3) You can enjoy energy efficiency in the new year. As your HVAC system becomes old and outdated, it starts working harder to keep your home comfortable, which waste a lot of energy. By replacing your system in the fall, right before you will use it full-time in winter, you can benefit from increased energy efficiency and save more on your electricity bill in the coming new year.

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